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We are once again selling the annual White House Christmas Ornament as a fundraiser to raise money for the 2023 Project Graduation event. Help us fund this event by purchasing one or more ornaments at $28.00 each. You can also make an additional donation if you would like. Available while supplies last.

Why Am I Being Charged a Shipping Fee?

The "shipping fee" added to your cart allows the Project Graduation Committee to provide this online store for buying your Graduation Yard Sign and White House Ornaments at low prices without impacting the ability to put on event each year.  This "fee" covers our credit card transaction fee that we would otherwise lose as funds raised for this Senior event.

About Us

Stone Bridge High School

Project Graduation


This is a party your seniors won’t want to miss, and we need Freshman, Sophomore and Junior parents to "pay it forward" and help with the planning of the event. While the Project Grad is a senior-only event, we count on the parents of future seniors to plan and execute this awesome event. Feedback from seniors has consistently described the party as totally awesome and one of the best times they’ve ever had at SBHS!

Project Graduation is an important, well-loved tradition at SBHS and one that we want to be sure continues for all of our students. We cannot make this happen without your help! Please get involved today.

To make the party such a success, the Project Graduation Committee meets once a month for 90 minutes throughout the year to plan fresh ideas for each graduating class. We are in search of folks to serve on committees this year, shadowing the lead and learning for next year, helping with fundraising, as well as to volunteer for set-up, chaperoning, and clean up after the party!

There are many ways you can help!



EVERYONE - You can also make a donation or as you are shopping throughout the year, purchase a gift card and donate it to the event. Just put them in an envelope, label it “Project Graduation Event Donation” and send them in to school with your child.

EVERYONE - VOLUNTEER! Are you interested in helping or want to learn more about Project Graduation? This event requires over 100 volunteers. It is an opportunity for underclassmen parents to Pay it Forward. Contact us at

Thank you for your support of Project Graduation!